Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beware, tag by Ann

Because the Night - Dianna

My friend Ann, of Foxys Designz, made this beautiful tag for me using the artwork of ©Barbara Jensen, and my Because the Night taggers kit.

Because the Night is available for FREE on my Designers Blog.

Thanks so much for this tag, hun, it's just gorgeous!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Goodnight Moon, tutorial by Callie

Goodnight Moon - Dianna

Woo-hoo...check out his new tutorial from Callie using my Lullaby taggers kit, and some beautiful Keith Garvey artwork.

It's animated!

Want to try this one? Lullaby is available at all of my stores. You can find the tutorial at:

Callie's Pleasure in Paradise

Scary Night, tutorial by Elizabeth

Scary Night - Dianna

Check our this new tutorial from elizabeth using my Thriller taggers kit. She is using the poser included in the kit so there are no outside tubes to purchase if you want to try this tutorial!

Thriller is available at all of my stores.

You can check out his thrilling tutorial at:


Friday, October 7, 2011

Straight to Hell, tutorial by Callie

Straight to Hell - Dianna

Check out this awesome tutorial by Callie using my Freeway to Hell taggers kit and some devilishly sexy artwork by Keith Garvey.

Freeway to Hell is available at all of my stores. You can try this tutorial for yourself at:

Callie's Pleasure in Paradise

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Walk in the Woods, tag by Caz

The Girl Who Seemed to Be - Dianna

CaZ sent me this beautiful animated tag that she made using my Walk in the Woods taggers kit. This is a freebie on my blog and I'm just floored by the amound of hits I've had! (Just shy of 600 downloads in the last month! w00t!)

If you've not downloaded it yet, you can snag a copy for yourself at Digicats (& Dogs)!

Thanks so much for the tag hun, I just love it!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thriller, tutorial by Jeannine

Thriller - Dianna

I just LOVE this! Jeannine of Funky Sweet Designs has done this absolutely fabulous tutorial using my Thriller taggers kit, and some awesome artwork by Zlata M.

Thriller is on sale now at Digi Fox's Studio! Why not pick up a copy, then you can try this tutorial for yourself at:

Funky Sweet Designs blinkie

Thanks so much for using my kit hun!

Highway to Hell, tutorial by Sonya

Highway to Hell - Dianna

Sonya says she loves using my kits, and she's done this fabulous tag using my Freeway to Hell taggers kit and some beautiful artwork by Tiffany Toland-Scott.

Head over to Digi Fox's Studio, where you can grab Freeway to Hell on sale, and then shoot over to Devious Desires and try this tutorial for yourself:

Devious Desires tutorials

Thanks so much for choosing one of my kits hun!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Spooktacular, tutorial by Jane

Spooktacular - Dianna

Wow! A surprise pressie! Oh I just love surprise pressies! Jane did a new tutorial and tag using my Monster Ball VIP Room freebie and some spooktacular artwork by Elias Chatzoudis. (Who doesn't love Elias?)

You can snag the Monsters Ball VIP Room over on my designers blog, then you can head on over to JT's Designs and try the tutorial:

JT's Designs Tags & Tuts

Devilish, tutorial by Sharon

Devilish - Dianna

Check out this hot new tutorial by Sharon of Sharon's Tutorials. She is using my Freeway to Hell taggers kit and some fabulously hot artwork by Very Many.

Freeway to Hell is available now at Butterfly Blush Designs. Why don't you pick up a copy, then you can try this tut for yourself at:

Blinkie for Sharon's Tutorials